Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Local Flavor

Yesterday two of my students treated me to lunch.  I asked if we could have a traditional Tunisian meal.  You know what they say about being careful what you ask for.

We drove to an overflowing eatery where nearly everyone was eating lablabi. That's what we all got too.  You start by going to a corner of the restaurant where you get some day old bread and tear it up into small pieces in a bowl.  Then you take your bowl to the cook.  He tops it with a broth of something, some kind of deep red sauce, a greenish brown sauce, a spoonful of salt, some chili powder, some shredded tuna and two raw eggs.  He gives it back to you with two spoons that you use to mix it up into something about as thick as soupy bread pudding.  But it tastes much different.  My students and everyone else were lapping it up as if it was their first meal in weeks.  I, on the other hand . . .  Let's just say that I can now cross this dish off my bucket list.

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